Why Samsung Rules All

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August 30, 2012 by McDowski

Apple is known for having inspired a certain approach to events. There is an air of casual smugness, boastful self-praise, even the odd potshot or two at a competitor (while simultaneously pretending that they didn’t really have a genuine competitor). Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and (particularly) Amazon… These are just some of the tech giants that have altered their presentation style over the years to go the Apple (specifically, Steve Jobs) route.

For better or worse (okay, worse), Samsung remains different. Their events are known largely for being weird and almost surreal, with strange themes and music and allegories. The theme for the Galaxy SIII launch was “Nature,” to the point where their user-interface design was called “Nature UX.” They had some strange and vague commentary on what that meant, and absolutely nobody understood a damn thing they said. Is it supposed to make you feel like you’re ‘one’ with the environment? Is it supposed to be bio-degradable? Is it supposed to encourage a more carefree lifestyle? Is it supposed to make you want to visit the little boys’ room? Was it made from a tree?

Anyway, Samsung just had an “Unpacked” event and, true to form, there were weird things aplenty. And in the interest of not having people wait to get to the good stuff, the weirdness started right away. Check out the whole thing below. (Warning: it’s an hour-and-a-half long.) To skip to some of the awesome weirdness, skip ahead to 4:20.

What I love most about the “magic man” in the beginning, more than the actual tricks, was the expression on his face. The look is just priceless. An eclectic mix of bow down before my greatness, I’m just happy to be here, and take that people-who-said-being-a-stage-magician-was-a-poor-career-choice!

Samsung – keepin’ it real…ly weird.


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