The Alternate Universe: Top 25 Newspaper Headlines If Andreas Lubitz was Ali Lubitz Khan

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April 4, 2015 by McDowski

How sad is it that this post is right on the mark?

crashing... smashing... clashing...

This is a work of fiction. Having said that, it is not intended as "humor".
There is nothing humorous about 149 people being killed. 
The only reason to publish the blog post is to reflect on the hypocrisy and 
duplicity of media outlets and the people in general.

The recent bewildering plane crash of the Germanwings Flight 9525 is extremely condemnable and sad. No sane person could commit suicide and kill 149 other people as well… Unless he happened to be a Muslim. Then he is definitely not insane.

The moment the news started resurfacing that it was the co-pilot who deliberately crashed the plane in the Alps, taking his life along with 149 other passengers, including the pilot and flight attendants with himself, there was a slight murmur of this startling act being related to terrorism. However it was all hushed up when the authorities revealed the identity of the co-pilot. The Co-pilot…

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