A Stranger in a Strange World


Why start a blog? What’s the point? Who’s going to read it, and why would they care?

A lot of questions, questions I often wondered when considering whether to delve into the world of web logs. For the most part I assumed it would not be worth it. Put my thoughts out there in writing, and expect people to read and/or give a crap about what I say? How egotistical!

Nonetheless, it was an idea that was simmering in my head for a while. And the other day, I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts at work, the always entertaining Vergecast from the guys over at The Verge, when a discussion started about copyright infringement and the patent lawsuits that everyone seems so eager to file these days. Paul Miller (one of the co-hosts) was talking about the ludicrousness of it all when he joked that a particular scenario was less copyright infringement and more “like reality infringement,” which really struck me as an awesome phrase.

It made me think that that would be a pretty good name for a blog. It sounds cool, and it also happens to be related to what I would write about – namely, the occasional book reviews, movie reviews, venting and ranting about things in the virtual world that annoy me, or interest me, or intrigue me. Most of what I would write about would not be ‘real’ anyway, in the sense that I would probably not write about my personal life much (if at all). I spend a lot of time in escapist activities, and that is likely what I would talk about. Activities that have little, if anything, to do with ‘reality.’

And so I decided to go ahead and do it. It’s not like have anything to lose, right? It’s easy enough to create a free blog, so it costs me nothing. And I really don’t expect anyone to ever read it (I doubt I’ll even tell anyone I know about it) so that is not a concern. And here we are. As vague as it may sound, I guess that would be my answer to the question that started it all.

Why start a blog? Well, why not?


5 thoughts on “A Stranger in a Strange World

  1. Arariel says:

    Hi, I’ll be your second avid reader. But, only your reviews though.

    • McDowski says:

      So now Reality Infringement is up to two!? Well, it’s all snowballing now…!

      Thanks, I appreciate it. And I will hopefully be making reviews and posts more regularly.

      P.S. Are you the same Arariel as formerly of the BFB forums?

      • Arariel says:

        He,he,hi McDowski yes indeed. Good memory. It’s very nice and cozy here, I like it. About time, why didn’t you say something about the blog earlier? Now I don’t have to look for your reviews on Amazon.

        • McDowski says:

          I’m flattered you care about my reviews enough to look for them… Thanks for that.

          So how come you don’t come around the forums, anymore? You seemed to leave rather abruptly…

  2. Arariel says:

    Well, you have great sense of humor, you see bs and you don’t take it – you just get it and say it as it is. In other words I can trust your judgment, no matter how much you like somebody’s book you are not going to tell me it’s a masterpiece.
    As to your question, the 50SoG- guy was pushing my every nasty button and I was beginning to lash out. So, it’s better this way. I can’t say I’m happy about it but it’s better.

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